Structuring System Change

Structuring System Change describes how to lay the foundation for productive engagement with stakeholders that leads to action and meaningful system change.  Given the complex and often fragmented nature of status offense systems, this module helps you think about who should be involved in the change process, how they should be engaged, and what information will help them along the way.

Step 1: Identify and Recruit Stakeholders describes how to form a working group responsible for assessing current practice, identifying areas of concern, and planning, implementing, and sustaining the change needed to address those areas.  Specifically, it offers guidance on how to:

  • Recruit a champion
  • Leverage an existing group
  • Strive for representative membership
  • Incorporate youth and family voices

Step 2: Prepare Stakeholders for System Change Work describes how you can help working group members develop a shared sense of purpose for, and commitment to, the work ahead. Specifically, it offers guidance on how to:

  • Invite working group members to a launch meeting
  • Define the local system
  • Identify a facilitator for the working group
  • Craft a meeting agenda

View from above of six people meeting at conference table.

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